About Us

Company Introduction

Global 3 Future Technology Group Limited (formerly known as Future Technology Co. Ltd.) is a Hong Kong company that mainly provides intelligent displays and communication services with naked-eye 3D technology. The company focuses on providing e-commerce, live streaming, diversified communication services, and value-added marketing services for enterprise clients, including advertising, communication services, business and investment attraction, event marketing and online marketing services on digital platforms.
The registered trademark (“Global3” TM) is the world’s first smart 3D-enabled mobile phone that is authorized with the use of 61 patented technologies. The intelligent display mobile phone and glass film was developed by the IT team of Guangdong Future Technology Co., Ltd. and then manufactured by the shareholder, Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. Hence, the mobile phone users can enjoy 3D movies, games or Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) activities, product marketing, live streaming e-commerce, educational videos, etc. OMO is a new consumption model in China. It will bring traffic and buying behaviours to both online and offline channels. With the popularization of AI technologies on mobile payments and sensors, offline buying behaviours will be slowly digitized, and this will lead to the boundaries between online and offline becoming blurred. OMO is a huge evolution of O2O that will greatly increase internet penetration in offline industry. (“Global3”) will promote an innovative Internet economy across the globe.

Our Business

The main business of “Future Technology limited Company” is promoting and selling the patented AI-based 3D display glass film, mobile phones, tablets, and other sizes of advertising screens. The largest 3D display glass film is 80 inches, and it can convert the 2D/3D images instantly. The company’s business will focus on 10 platforms construction which are set as following, while new platforms will be added at an appropriate time with the business expansion.
  • (i)3D live streaming
  • (ii)3D movies platform
  • (iii)3D game platform
  • (iv)3D advertising platform
  • (v)3D short film platform
  • (vi)3D social video platform
  • (vii)3D jewelry platform
  • (viii)Catering platform
  • (ix)Smart stores
  • (x)Entrepreneurship/Employment Business School



Suite 3512, 35/F., Tower 6, The Gateway, Harbour City, 9 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Shop 1, G/F, Cheung Wang Shopping Arcade, 15-19 Cheung Wong Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Suite 1502 Beijing Polytechnic Innovation Building, No. 9 Yuexing Wudao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.