Transformation of Power and Wealth

In the agricultural era, men is seen as power while livestock is seen as wealth;

In the industrial era, knowledge is seen as power while technology is seen as wealth;

In the post-industrial era, information is seen as power while connection is seen as wealth;

In the information age, information is seen as power while farsighted is seen as wealth;

In the future, science and technology will be seen as power while wisdom will be seen as wealth;

Future Outlook

Exclusive Rights and Patents

New artificial intelligence based 3D display technology is shaping the visual revolution. In terms of technology, the company has owned more than 61 patents for 3D display technology, and has developed cutting-edge technologies such as eye tracking, gesture interaction, aerial projection, etc. In terms of industry, our expertise covers optical design, glass film laminating, algorithms processing, modelling skills which make our artificial intelligence based 3D display technology leading the industry. And, in terms of content, the company has collected nearly 10,000 3D video contents.


At the same time, the artificial intelligence based 3D display technology of Future Technology can realize 3D live streaming, and the 3D shooting technology can realize 3D social interaction, providing the public with a more ‘immersive’ entertainment experience. The new artificial intelligence based 3D display technology can also be applied to other industries such as 3D medical, 3D education, 3D advertising, and 3D entertainment. In the future, the company will continue in technological research and development and industrial transformation with innovative 3D technology, AR/VR technology, 3D modelling and 3D online shopping. We welcome any idea for collaboration to build together the best-in-class 3D experiences and future solutions for users all around.

Technical Advantages of Future Technology:

  1. We conduct system development and software development according to customer needs, including encryption to ensure the security and encryption of mobile phones.
  2. Future Technology is the only manufacturer in the world that has realized a full scheme of 3D intelligent display solutions. The company has more than 60 core patents of independent intellectual property rights which has proven that the products are highly innovative and futuristic. The newly launched AI-based 3D display mobile phone is the world’s only mobile phone with 3D display capability. It is an innovation that will transform the mobile phone from 2D era to 3D era.
  3. All in all, our technology is focused on “smart” because we use our patented application and software technology to convert and present the characteristics of “intelligence”.

Application Advantages of Future Technology:

  1. Based on the superiority of our patent’s technologies and through the conversion of APP, we can customize and develop an application that meets your needs and application scenarios.
  2. The Application can be named by you as we understand you need a customized mobile phone that is based on your requirements and promotes it to the market to help end-users achieve ideal functions and effects. We welcome any collaboration if you found that we meet your company’s basic requirements and needs, as well as interested in our first and only innovation in the market – AI based 3D display technology. By collaborating with us, you will have pricing power for a high-end product in the market.
  3. We can set a designated landing page for your phone. It will immediately show the content page when the promoter or user turns on the phone. The landing page’s design and content is customizable and built-in to the phone.

The world's exclusive and intelligent AI based 3D display technology + extraordinary 3D display glass film

+AI based 3D display platform APP = 3D portable cinema (exclusive)

Our 2D-3D smart switching patented technology and smart eye tracking patented technology solve the problem of dizziness which has been facing for a long time in the 3D industry! ! ! It can greatly prevent myopia/improve eye pressure problems which you may get more details on the Wikipedia website! ! !

It definitely can lead the revolution of all industries.

Tencent Culture and Tourism/12306 High Speed Rail System

Our businesses cover mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Malaysia, and are expanding around the world. So, if you are looking to open a new world or possibility for your business, you are welcome to contact us for further collaboration. We believe that our big data definitely can bring more traffic for you!

High-end 3D displays mobile phone: We live in a three-dimensional world where our visual system relies on a large number of cues for estimating distance, depth, and shape of any objects. 3D displays can stereoscopic the information and optimize the visual of what we see in the real environment. Traditional 2D display devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and TVs will inevitably change to 3D displays in near future. With aims on promoting the development of the display industry, we are committed to research and development of patented products independently. Integral the 5th generation of Fermat grating technology, combined with artificial intelligence, F1 mobile phone with 3D display will bring you an amazing 3D visualization experience! Luxury design, high-quality customizable that represents your identity and style, “Future Technology, leading the future!”

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