Artificial Intelligence Based 3D Display Mobile Phone

5 AI Cameras

Future Technology, Leading The Future!

Subversive Innovation - New 4D Display Mobile Phone

Artificial Intelligence Based 3D Display Technology

Large viewing angle

Optimize brightness and clarity

2D-3D Smart Switching

No more visual fatigue

Powerful APP Content Platform
Support Stereoscopic 3D advertising

Optimize the Brightness and Clarity

Traditional 3D Displays

The light wave of displays is sent to each of the observer’s two eyes separately which causes the brightness to be reduced half.

AI based 3D Displays

The patented Fermat grating technology increase the transmittance to more than 90%, achieve the resolution as retina and making the image clearer

Wider Range of Viewing Positions

Traditional 3D Displays

The viewing angle is narrow, and the angle and position are fixed. Deviating from the viewing angle can cause to ghosting and dizziness

AI based 3D Displays

The viewing angle will be automatically adjusted according to the viewer’s angle and distance. Viewers may move sideways to enjoy the 3D scene from slightly different angles.

2D-3D Smart Switching

Users intelligently switches from flat to stereo display

Best Viewing Experience

With the use of unique three-dimensional depth of field algorithm to solve the dizziness and visual fatigue

Here is the movie will look like

3D Game Engine converted the games to 3D effects, equipped with eye tracking, gyro sensors and the gravity sensor to create a seamless gaming experience

Here Is The Hero / Heroine Will Look Like In The Games

Powerful 3D Content Service Platform

Built-in massive high-quality 3D-based content, smart-matching, one-step access, quick share

Brings an Elegant and Beautiful Life

The F08 series by Future Technology has an amber-like appearance.
The design is inspired by the beauty and line aesthetics of natural gemstones which has become one the most elegant artwork in the world.

Sky Blue

Magic Black

Outer Space

Blue Violet

Kphone has a full-screen design and a brand-new ultimate 3D experience, elegant appearance and powerful functional configuration

Slim & Elegant Design

Thanks To The Advances of Diamond Cutting Technology For Chining-Curved Edges.

Dual Glasses Design

The F08 series by Future Technology uses a solid glass panel, with an advanced nano-injection process creates an elegant appearance design, and added a precision-made stainless-steel middle frame which has exudes an eye-catching and elegant metallic texture.

5 Cameras
Record All Your Precious Moments

The back camera of F08 adopts a 12 * 2 MP camera (24 million photosensitive unit). This means that each two photosensitive cells constitute a pixel, and the luminosity area reaches 1.28μm per pixel. Therefore, F08 can create excellent photographic works even in backlight or dim environments.

Take Photos at Anytime, Anywhere.

Technological innovation accelerates our product development. With the breakthrough revolution of F08 mobile phone, everyone can become a professional photographer. F08 uses three rear cameras to ensure you have the best shots.

The Ultimate Photography Effects in Dark Environments

F08 broke through the shackles of traditional smartphone photography. It can capture high-definition photos at any time, day or night. All light sources provide a source of inspiration and excitement.

Dual Cameras
Everyone's A Photographer

The 20MP cameras and depth sensor enable you to take fantastic photos without a DSLR camera. With furtch f08, everyone can take great photos at anywhere.

Unlock Your Phone In Seconds
Your Personal Phone

Kphone has its fingerprint sensor on its side, providing a more convenient accessible way for users to unlock their phones in seconds. The side-mounted fingerprint sensors deliver enhanced experiences to our users.

Face Recognition

The face-recognition technology gives users a quicker, more convenient way of unlocking their phones. With a simple swipe over your screen, you get to unlock your phone. The phone identifies 128 facial features and unlocks as fast as 0.08 seconds.

Full-Screen Display

F08 mobile phone has a 6.18-inch HD display that ensures a visually stunning experience on your phone.

Aurora Glass Design

Futrtch F08 has a premium glass design both front and back, along with a stainless-steel body sandwiched between glass gives it a distinctive and attractive look.

Full Screen Displays
6.18" FHD Display

F08 is a full-screen phone with a gorgeous true full-view display. The 6.18-inch screen built in a 3D displays resolution which create a very immersive and impressive experience.

High Performance Octa-cores CPU

Helio P60 processor is the industry-leading in AI computing, camera and power consumption.
The processor is upgraded to 12nm FinFET and octa-cores architecture, with a Mali-G72 MP3 GPU for greater performance.

RAM+DDR4x Redefining ROM

F08 phone model is equipped with 4 GB / 6 GB RAM (higher version) storage for better system operating and data management in the mobile phone. DDR4X is 30% faster than DDR4 and consumes 40% less power. In addition, it supports external SD card up to 512 GB to ensure sufficient storage space for all our users' needs.

Large Storage, Hassle-Free

F08 phone model combines 4 GB/ 6 GB RAM storage and 64 GB/ 128 GB storage which can support each document, such as games, music, gallery, movies, etc. Enable every user can enjoy the new experience.

Long-lasting Battery
F08 phone model gives you go all day on a single charge.

Super-Fast Charging

With a 4000 mAh battery, our fast charging technology allows users gaming while charging.

NXP Smart PA · Smart Power Amplifier

The Helio P60 processor is the industry-leading in AI computing, camera and power consumption. The processor is upgraded to 12nm FinFET and octa-cores architecture. The GPU is Mali-G72 MP3 with powerful performance.

Latest Android 9.0 System

The Android 9.0 system is an unprecedented combination of intelligence and speed, allowing users to have an enhanced experience.