Artificial Intelligence Based 3D Displays

Unique Patented Technology

3D vision technology that employed artificial intelligence algorithms

Accurate Judgment of Viewing Distance

Using machine learning and inter-frame residual recognition determines the distance between the viewer and the screen, realizing the notification of viewing distance and calculating the spatial position of the observer.

Real-Time Eye-Tracking

Real-time viewing visual hotspots that are based on machine learning combined with the real-time calculation of the observer’s spatial position, and combined with the 3D sub-pixel algorithm to ensure lights of each angle are perfectly emitted.

3D machine vision calibration

The visual effect of 3D vision greatly exceeds the traditional 3D display. The traditional 3D display mainly relies on the accuracy of production equipment and the manual alignment of the assembly line workers, but 3D vision relies on artificial intelligence and machine vision to calibrate and match each pixel and each microlens.

Optimize the Brightness and Clarity

Traditional 3D Displays

The light wave of displays is sent to each of the observer’s two eyes separately which causes the brightness to be reduced half.

AI based 3D Displays

The patented Fermat grating technology increase the transmittance to more than 90%, achieve the resolution as retina and making the image clearer

Wider Range of Viewing Positions

Traditional 3D Displays

The viewing angle is narrow, and the angle and position are fixed. Deviating from the viewing angle can cause to ghosting and dizziness

AI based 3D Displays

The viewing angle will be automatically adjusted according to the viewer’s angle and distance. Viewers may move sideways to enjoy the 3D scene from slightly different angles.

2D-3D Smart Switching

Users intelligently switches from flat to stereo display

Best Viewing Experience

With the use of unique three-dimensional depth of field algorithm to solve the dizziness and visual fatigue

Powerful 3D Content Service Platform

Built-in massive high-quality 3D contents, smart-matching, one-step access, quick share

2k HD Large Screen With 4D Technology

Massive 3D video content

Enjoy 3D technology with glasses-free

New3 Tablet Configuration Parameters

Processor: The octa-core processor with high-performance
Storage: 128GB

Screen: 8,4-inch black diamond screen with using precision laminating technology
Resolution: 2.5K HD (2560^1600)
Size: 218*128*7.8mm (356g)

Operating system: ANDROID

Support frequency band: 7th floor, 15 band Unicom/Telecom/Mobile phone Internet

Data running speed: Excellent
Battery capacity: 3.7V/4500mAH

Octa-cores processor with high performance

The tablet with a high-performance octa-cores processor appropriate for users who want better performance. It is also equipped with 4G voice call, dual SIM dual-standby, 2.5K high-definition black diamond screen, 128GB of internal storage.