Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Based 3D Products

Powerful 3D Content Service Platform

Artificial intelligence based 3D display technology breaks through the technical barrier in the mobile phone industry by transforming mobile phones from 2D to 3D, bringing new visual experience to mobile users.

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3D Live Streaming

3D Movies

3D Printing

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3D Camera

3D Games

3D Scanning

Technological Output - Future Technology Launches Innovative 3D Display Technologies and Commercialize the Products

Artificial Intelligence based 3D Display Mobile Glass Film

  1. Future Technology + exclusive 3D displays glass film for iPhone
  2. Future Technology + The world’s top brand of the smartphone plans to launch a new generation of the 3D game engine and 3D mobile glass film.

3D Displays and VR Glasses

  1. Future Technology + Disney plans to launch a 3D display with VR Glasses for watching Disney-produced movies and TV programs.

Touchscreen Projector

  1. Future Technology + A company of China plans to launch a touchscreen projector.

3D Scanner

  1. Future Technology + China Industrial Design Association (CIDA) collaborating for 3D scanner modelling

Opportunities to Join The 3D Revolution

Holographic launched by the Robotic Company, Gowild.
Robot projector "Holoera"
The current value of the company worth RMB1.5 billion
Recent raised RMB150 million funding rounds

The company will launch a 3D based virtual robot in 2019
"Holoera" mini version